Harmonic Filters


Some equipment will generate current distortion in electrical networks.  These distortions, better known as Harmonics can be described as a collection of sinus currents at different frequencies and amplitudes added to the basic network current.   Problems they can cause include:

  • Increased losses
  • Malfunction of Control Systems
  • High Currents in Neutral Conductors
  • Low Voltages between Phase and Neutral
  • Resonance Problems
  • Interference with Telecommunications and Computer Equipment

Industrial systems and power distribution networks need Harmonic Filters to be free from Harmonics. Power Harmonic Filters are built from passive LC components (Capacitors and Reactors) tuned in order to shunt off most of the Harmonics.  The addition of a resistor allows:

  • More precision in the original adjustment of the filters
  • Stretching of the effective bandwidth
  • Detuning due to fluctuations in components (owing to temperature)

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